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Lawn Renovation


Turf topdressing is a breeze for the Express Blower

Using our patented Supplemental Injection System, the Express Blower lays the compost, fertilizer, and grass seed in one smooth application.
These new lawn renovation techniques are more cost-effective than complete renovation practices.

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Topdressing for Residential Customers

Tired of applying countless applications of fertilizers to try and get a lush green lawn. Let Mulch Express USA blow in a thin layer of organic compost to provide the existing turf with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Compost helps to promote Microorganism/Earthworm growth and activity. This helps to provide the lawn with the oxygen it needs to grow. Topdressing can also be performed after aeration of the existing turf to lessen the amount of compaction, which suffocates the lawn, and also provides a way for the compost to penetrate into the ground.



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